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Membership Categories and Rates

2023 Membership Categories

Dues are payable by March 31st /23

Full Play Member …. $1465

– Unlimited golf, no restrictions.

-Valid April 1st- March 31st.

Restricted Member …. $1355

-Restricted to after 3:00 pm weekdays April-Nov, no weekend restrictions.

-Valid April 1st- March 31st.

9-hole Member….$1355

-Limited to nine holes per day.

-Valid April 1st– March 31st.

Seasonal (Snowbird) Member…. $1330

-Unlimited golf

-No restrictions, valid 8 months of the year.

– April 1st– November 30th.

Senior Member (85+) …. $1300

-Unlimited golf, no restrictions.

-Valid April 1st– March 31st.

Intermediate Member (19-29 yrs. of age) … $1175

 -Restricted to after 11:00 Monday-Friday, no weekend restrictions.

-Valid April 1st– March 31st

Junior Member (8-*18 yrs of age) *Must be 18 on Aug 31st….. $250

-Unlimited Golf.

-Restricted to after 11:00 am seven days a week unless accompanied by an EGC member.

-Valid April 1st– March 31st

Couples/ family* discount…. Deduct 5% from the second membership of equal or lesser value.

*Family is defined as adult membership with a Junior Member.

All above dues are subject to GST and do not include the BCGA or Zone dues.