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Donation Requests

We ask that you please read the requirments and criteia of our Donation Program before proceeding.

Eaglecrest Golf Club is proud of the social investment we make in the community we serve. As part of Eagelcrest’s social responsibility, our culture of caring extends beyond just golf but into our community at large. Across the mid island (and sometimes all the way to Victoria) we put our good will into many fund raising efforts each year. The focus of this program is to support the people and organizations in our community (the Island)! Thus, please make sure the fundraising efforts you are asking us to support will have rewards for Vancouver Island people.
In addition to the many donations we gift each year, Eaglecrest is also very proud of the time and effort put in by our management team. Strong communities are built! We believe that participating in this building process is essential.
With the numerous requests we recieve on daily basis, our focus is on our community and the people within it.
Eaglecrest budgets to gift 200 rounds of golf per year with a value of $10,000. Our giving year runs from Apr. 1 thru Mar. 31 annually.

Giving Guidelines    
·   Golf Pass donations are given out in pairs of 2.
.   Passes will be donated on a first come, first served basis for those meeting the proper criteria.
·   Pass donations will expire 1 year from the date of said event. This expiry will not be extended.
·   Financial support or cash donations are not given.
·   Pro shop merchandise is not given.
·   Those in support of political or religious organizations are not eligible.
·   Non-fund raising events such as appreciation gifts, recognition of goals met, incentives and such are not eligible.

Priority for golf pass gifts will be given in the following order:
.         Funds raised by an Eaglecrest donation must stay on the Island
·         Events which are hosted at Eaglecrest
·         Events which have a charity fund raising component
·         Events taking place in Qualicum Beach
·         Events taking place in the Oceanside area
·         Golf Events taking place on Vancouver Island

If your group or organization does not meet the above criteria we have a “Purchase ONE” – “Receive ONE” option available to you (2 for the price 1). The cost of the single golf pass including tax is $52.50. With this purchase you will be gifted a second green fee pass. You will still need to provide evidence of your association with an charitable organization, group and or cause. This option is limited to once per calender year. 

Please fill in the donation request with your information and a little about your fund raising purposes. Upon receiving your request, it will be reviewed and we will notify you if and what your group may qualify for.

If you require the use our facility, please contact our Events team who will be happy to provide you with a quote.

We wish you much success with your event and thank you for thinking of Eaglecrest!