9 Hole Ladies
Sept. 27th, 2017

9:20 - 1A - D. Anderson, L. Sharpe, P. Phillips, M. Godfrey
9:20 - 1B - S. Kim, J. Temple, M. Barnes, B. Croft
9:20 - 2A - K. Miller, E. Chrisopher, R. Johnston, P. currie
9:20 - 2B - M. Durston, E. Marsland, J. Kartz, L. Randle
9:20 - 3A - C. Scott, S. Belliner, B. Holton, M. Monaghan
9:20 - 3B - K. Scott, L. Smith, D. Pearson, A. Shaw
9:20 - 4A - B. Broadbent, A. Bryan, M. McGraw, J. Cram

Please note tee times are a 9:20 forward shotgun. This means all groups with the exception of those starting on hole #1 will need to make their way back through the 1st tee in a timely fashion. All players need to make sure they have arranged for transportation from the 9th green back to 1st tee. Walking back is not an option.



18 Hole Ladies
Sept. 26, 2017

18 hole draw ladies.   Sept 26, 2017.  
Hole 1.  Bater, J.,                    Hole 1A.   Kaye, L
              Corcoran, D.,                              Marsland, E.,
              Higgins, G.,                                 Randle, L.,
                                                                   Wallace, J.,
Hole 13.  Paulsen, W.,             Hole 13A. Miller, Sonya
                Smith, E.,                                    Miller, Kathi
                Johnson, R.,                               Watson, B.,
                Roche, L.,                                    Dunham, H.,
Hole 12.   Sadgrove, L.,          Hole 12A.  Kim, S.,
                  Reid, J.,                                     Fedorak, B.,
                 Broadbent , B.,                          Bellinger, S.,
                 Peterson, J.,                               Carswell, L.,
Hole 11.   Hiebert, K.,              Hole 11A.    Fleming, B.,
                 Braithwaite, S.,                           Pye, B,.
                 Bolton, C.,                                   Kraeling,
 Shepheard, H.,       
Hole 10.   Behrman, M.,
                  McKamey, J.,
                  Creally, I.,
                  Marshall, D.,



Select Photo's from our "Battle of the Sexes" Tournament held in August 2016


Select Photo's from our Ladies "50 Shades of Lavender" Tournament held in July 2016



Select Photo's from our Ladies "Roaring 20's" Party held in May 2016 


 "Denim and Diamonds"