The Course at Eaglecrest Golf Club - A Brief History of Eaglecrest Property

Early in the 1930s, General Alexander Duncan McRae purchased 260 acres of land to be the site of his new country lodge. He named it Eaglecrest. The land was originally purchased mainly to support horses but also for a variety of other farm animals, as well as to cultivate crops. At that time, Eaglecrest was the grandest property ever seen on central Vancouver Island. Even from the very beginning of its time, Eaglecrest had a putting green! When General McRae died in 1946, Eaglecrest was sold to the real estate firm of Boultbee-Sweet. Eaglecrest attracted many dignified guests, including then Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh whom visited in 1951.

By the 1960s much had changed and the cost of maintaining Eaglecrest convinced Boultbee and Sweet to turn the estate into a resort. Unfortunately this did not last long as the lodge burned to the ground in March of 1969. It was rebuilt by 1971, this time designed as a resort hotel and golf course. By 1971 the 9-hole golf course was complete. In October 1975, the property was sold again to a group of investors. This time the plans were to develop a subdivision around the golf course. The expansion to eighteen holes was completed in 1990 and was the only 18-hole golf course in the area. The grand idea behind the golf course expansion project was that of the Riva family. The Rivas as they were known through out the community ran a very successful operation right up until the late 1990's.

As for today, the start of a new era in the rich history of Eaglecrest, the Kim Family are the proud owners of a wonderful golf course with a very loyal membership. The Kim Family purchased the golf course in March 2007. They have fully committed to investing their time and resources into the restoration of the golf club. Major clubhouse and golf course renovation projects have been proceeding since their ownership.

The owners, members and staff are all dedicated in creating an enjoyable and challenging golf experience for all patrons who visit or wish to join the storied, Eaglecrest Golf Club. Come and be a part of history and enjoy the excitement the future may hold!